Laser Hair Therapy for Hair Loss


Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) as a non-surgical treatment option has been invented and proven effective in the treatment of hair loss. The research was done on when the scientist were trying to find out if LLLT caused cancer in mice. Through this research the scientist noticed that the treated spots in the mice increased in hair growth. Though there is no clear evidence on how this treatment leads to hair growth, there are some theories that are behind this discovery.  One of the theories concludes that LLLT increases blood flow to the area that has been treated. The other theory states that the light energy emitted during LLLT is directed towards the hair cell which in turn increases growth activity of the hair cells. The treatment has also been found not to work on areas that are totally bald. LLLT also needs regular maintenance for it to keep the hair growth constantly. There are LLLT devices that have been specially designed to treat hair loss. The devices exist in two forms. Some are made to be used by the physician in the treatment of patients while the other can be used at home. With the home devices, you can treat yourself but not with the intensity and coverage provided by the office based LLLT systems. Even though the physician’s LLLT devices are designed to treat extensive areas and provide greater energy, they still require being regularly administered on the patient for hair growth.

The laser treatment for hair loss is absolutely pain-free. It is also said to have no major side effects. Both home and office-based devices employ a special comb that uses the low level of laser technology to heat the scalp as it is being massaged softly. The low-light laser energies are emitted by special rotating laser positions that expand the hair pores. These combs are known to emit infrared energy that elevates the metabolism of the tissues underneath the scalp. By so doing blood circulation is enhanced. The scalp is made healthier, and that is why hair growth starts.

For the treatment to be effective, the special laser comb has to emit light at a right wavelength. Otherwise, the Capillus treatment will be ineffective and be expensive in the long run. Those who have been treated with this method are said to notice that the hair has become thicker and stronger. With repeated treatment for a couple of months, the hair growth is improved a lot.

When buying a home based laser comb, do a lot of research so that you will be guaranteed success at the end. For more facts and information about laser hair therapy, go to


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